Check out more of SNSD’s photos from their ‘2013 Girls’ Generation World Tour’ Concert in Seoul

[Close-up on Girls’ Generation] “Best Friends in Waiting Rooms “…After the Concert ~

‘Girls’ Generation’ has opened ‘global era’. 6 years since their debut, they embarked on their first world tour. The grand beginning was on the 8th. Through ‘2013 Girls’ Generation World Tour –Girls and Peace’ at the Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Arena.
It was a ‘Brand New’ concert. It was not like any other performances they have done. Huge stage equipments, relaxed manners, diverse repertories captured eyes and ears one hundred percent. It was a perfect way to quench the thirst of the fans that have waited for so long.
So what was GIRLS’ GENERATION’s day like on that day? ‘Star Cast’ reveals the untold back stage stories. They celebrated not only with the events for the fans, but self-camera shots with their close friends. ‘Star Cast’ has an exclusive on the exciting tour scene by the nine girls.


① Stage – “Attractiveness, melting into 7 different outfits.”

It’s first world tour performance. The opening song is ‘Hoot’. They shot cupid’s arrow at the audience’s hearts. The most eye catching of all were the costumes. They wore a total of 7 outfits while they sang 28 songs. The outfits included innocent white mini dress, colorful cancan dress, and super tiny pants.

The stage effects were splendid. Different equipment such as a huge cake, colorful razors, mega-size screen and lifts were used to increase audience focus. The relaxed manners of Girls’ Generation were outstanding. They jumped energetically and induced audience to stand up. During the en core performance, they threw ‘signed balls’ to express their gratitude.

Them, shall we have a sneak peak at the performance outfits of that day?

▶ First of all is Yu-ri. Balloon sleeve jacket that makes one think of a uniform was matched with short black pants. The highlight of the costume is the bling on the hem of the jacket. She sparkled on her own as she danced under the spotlight. Charismatic look was made together with Yu-ri’s fierce gaze. 

▶ Seo-hyun, the youngest looks innocent. She has an attractiveness that is different from Yu-ri’s. When she sang a ballad song, she changed into a white mini dress. The ruffle-layered dress accentuated her innocent looks. Thanks to the silver belt, her waist looks even slimmer. Hints of mini skirt under the ruffles were more than enough make the hearts of men skip a beat faster. 

▶ Charisma and innocent look is not all there is to Girls’ Generation. There is cute and lively side to them as well. Their cancan skirt was cute. The sparkly heart in front of their chest and large ribbon hair band was absolutely adorable. Together with heightened Hyo-yoen’s beauty, positive synergy blossomed. 

▶ Hold on! This is a bonus cut for those who were not able to see the world tour first hand. What’s with the ball? It’s a ‘sign ball’ with signatures from all nine members. Girls’ Generation themselves threw the balls to the audience seats. Do you want to know what it says on the ball? It’s filled with witty remarks such as ‘Taeng-gu’ and ‘From Sica.’

② After Concert – “Best friends get behind to the back stage””

Is singing and dancing hard everything to it? The excitement continued even behind the curtains. They do not forget their gratitude for the fans even in waiting rooms. They have taken a picture with the sign ‘Let’s Be Together For A Long Time’, which was part of the fan event in the middle of the concert, They also took a photo with the cake that the fans presented to them.

Both old and new girl groups, Bora of ‘Sistar’, Hyo-min and Eun-jung of ‘T-ara’, Sun-ye of ‘Wonder Girls’, Min of ‘Miss A’, Nicole of ‘Kara’, Crystal of ‘F(x)’, and Ock Joo-hyun showed up. 91 line friends of Seo-hyun including Sung-yeol, Hoya, Sung-jong of ‘Infinite’ came. SM family members including Dong-hae, Kang-in, Eun-hyuk and Kyu-hyun of ‘Super Junior’, Min-ho and Key of ‘SHYNee’ and EXO joined the crowd. 

▶ For the great support shown by S♡NE, Soo-young and Yoon-a took it up on their own hands. They revealed a picture of themselves holding up a placard that the fans prepared for concert event. The comment ‘Let’s Be Together For A Long Time’ really catches the eye. It not only is the wish of the fans but is likely GIRLS’ GENERATION members’ as well. 

▶After the concert, the waiting room is filled with stunning men. Kang-in and Kyu-hyun of ‘Super Junior’ and Key and Min-ho of ‘SHYNee’ stepped by to congratulate GIRLS’ GENERATION. Kang-in is gazing blankly into space. It is a stark difference from the three other men who have turned into fans and are pulling a placard event but somehow there is a balance amongst the four of them . 

▶ In the waiting room, the boy and girl visual combo of SM has made their appearance. Yoon-a of ‘GIRLS’ GENERATION’ and Min-ho of ‘SHYNee’ has taken a photo together. Their glamorous looks befit their title of top visual boy and girl of SM. They look practically related, making an adorable V together. 

▶ The two major flirts have shown up as well. Those that are now up against the ‘visual brother and sister’ are Sunny of ‘GIRLS’ GENERATION’ and Key of ‘SHYNee’. With their cute pouted lips they have shown off adorable side to them. Sunny takes on the role of flirt in Girls’ Generation. Her breathtaking smiles are second to none.

▶ By the way, for en core performance, the ‘GIRLS’ GENERATION’ shouted, ‘Where are you Shin-young? At that moment, Kim Shin-young stood up from her seat, and heightened the mood by dancing alone. It was the same in the back stage as well. With her unique pose she has made innocent Girls’ Generation into looking like girl gangsters. Rogue Girls’ Generation, it’s very unique. 

▶ When you think of Kim Shin-young, you cannot forget Sunny. They have built a solid friendship as they worked together on KBS-2TV ‘Invincible Youth’. They look especially close today. Sunny’s smiling happily, clinging to Kim Shin-young’s arm. It’s like looking at mother and daughter. 

③ Outside the Concert Hall –“Girls’ Generation fans, who’s the best?”

Something is missing to just end like this. That’s why we prepared this segment. The fans themselves were quite amazing. From early in the morning, numerous fans filled the adjacent area of the concert hall. They had strong personalities just like Girls’ Generation. They danced and dressed up as Girls’ Generation. In other words their passion was astonishing. 

Girls’ Generation’s popularity transcends nations. Foreign male fans that have made their way from abroad to support Girls’ Generation could be detected often. Most prominent of all was those who dressed up as Girls’ Generation. From long straight hair to yellow mini skirt, one could easily mistake that person as Jessica. Let’s enjoy the scenes outside the concert hall. 

▶ Who’s this? Is this Jessica of Girls’ Generation? Definitely, not. It’s a male fan, dressed up as Girls’ Generation. The short skirt and jacket could easily surpass any style icons. Wearing a bob wig was just the beginning. He had smartly hidden his face with the picture of Jessica. 

▶ Girls’ Generation fans from abroad. A lot of the fans who came to the concert hall for the performance were from other countries. The ratio of men was absolutely dominant. They have made an awesome pose holding up Girls’ Generation pink cheering items. 

▶ There’s still a lot of time left till the concert. It’s dance time to reduce the boredom of waiting. A few fans, both boys and girls, have voluntarily turned on the music and started to do Girls’ Generation moves. It was really an exciting event to blow away the scorching heat of a summer day. 

▶ Age is irrelevant when it comes to Girls’ Generation’s popularity. An older lady fan joined the group. Even as she was trying to avoid the glare of the sun with sunglasses and wet towels, she did not forget to take a photo for memory’s sake in front of the massive Girls’ Generation photo-wall. It’s as if she’s saying, ‘Girls’ Generation?’















SNSD holding the papers which says “Let’s go on for a long time ♥”

Backstage Pictures:

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