Girls’ Generation’s Sunny is now on Twitter and Instagram!

Another Girls’ Generation members has now joined Instagram!

Following Taeyeon, HyoyeonYuri, here comes Sunny who has not only opened an Instagram account but a Twitter account as well.


You can follow her accounts at:


“Hello?! Nice to meet you~ I finally joined twitter!!!!! :)”

“Hi?!..It’s me*^^* Hiiiiiiiii first post!!!”

Sunny also followed with, “Not too long ago, i got bored and baked cupcakes and blondies with fany at the dorm!!! it was really really yummy~>_<♥ baked w/ tiff 😉“.

After reaching 100k followers, Sunny also expressed, “Wow~ my follower (count) has exceeded 100k.. I’m not sure what I should do yet @_@;; it’s raining a lot today, so everyone be careful!! What r u doin now sun shiners!!! It’s raining alot!!!! Make it a “Sunny day” ;p“.

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