Girls’ Generation wows 22,000 fans in Taiwan

Girls’ Generation had their first overseas concert for the ‘2013 Girls’ Generation World Tour‘ in Taipei, Taiwan.


The girls performed at Taiwan’s Taipei Arena on the 20th and 21st, greeting 22,000 fans with their trademark amazing performance. The girls performed 28 songs, including their Korean hits “Gee“, “Genie“, “Hoot“, “Oh!“, “The Boys“, and “I Got A Boy“, as well as their Japanese hits “Paparazzi” and “Flower Power“.

But it wasn’t just Girls’ Generation who had something for the fans – the fans themselves had a special event! On the first day, the fans wrote out the girls’ names with different colors, and everyone held up the ‘Congratulations on your 6th year‘. On the 2nd day, all the fans held up ‘We’re happy because of Girls’ Generation‘ during the girls’ “Baby Baby” stage. 

What is known is that the girls are headed to Singapore in October. The dates and locations for their concerts in North and South America have yet to be revealed.

Source : allkpop


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