Taeyeon shared some photos from the ‘Korea Day’ in L.A. with Tiffany and Sunny

It’s D-Day for the ‘Korea Day’ in Los Angeles!

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, Tiffany and Sunny were all there to grace the event, and from the venue, here are some photos from Taeyeon~

“Lol…..With Ryu Oppa. and Tiff”
“As soon as we arrived!!^^ #LADodgers #KoreaDay” 

Regarding Sunny’s successful opening pitchTaeyeon also expressed, “this combination seems to have been successful^^ thank you for not hurling the ball down [to the ground], our kyu!” to which Sunny replied with, “because i walked in after haring your Korean and fany’s American national anthems, I was at least able to throw it like that. singing the national anthem at dodgers stadium… It was touching ” followed by Taeyeon’s “yeah, right. i thought i was going to die of nervousness^^^^^ hehe“.

“SNSD’s Taeyeon singing. 🙂 #BlueDress #nationalanthem”
“hm. it’s over~”
“Attack on hyunjin. and I’m a small ningen (person) #RyuHyunjinJjangJjangMan”

Taeyeon and Sunny with some friends

“Kisssss Time ‘3’♥ #kisscam”

Source : wonderfulgeneration


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