Girls’ Generation’s Yuri and the cast of ‘No Breathing’ are set to film in Davao, Philippines!

I believe it will always be in Manila if ever Girls’ Generation will have a concert in the Philippines but how about a chance of seeing Yuri for those who live in the Davao region?

On August 5th, according to an official of the Department of Tourism (DOT), it was revealed that SNSD’s Yuri will be going to Davao to shoot the last scenes of their movie titled ‘No Breathing‘.
DOT Director Art Boncato revealed, “Yes, we can hold our breaths as the hottest stars in South Korea today are coming to shoot the last 7 days of their film in our region. The producers are vetting final locations for the shoot that will involve 15 actors and a crew four times bigger” while on the other hand it was said that a reliable source named Yuri, Lee Jong-suk, Seo In-guk, and actor Park Jeong Cheol as some of the actors who will be going to the Philippines to shoot ‘No Breathing’.
Additionally, a source also revealed that they will film in Davao from August 6 to 13.
In this movie which will be released later this year, Yuri will play the role of JungEun, a musician and a common friend of the two and who will be the love interest of Won-il and Woo-sang.

Source : wonderfulgeneration


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