YoonA and Tiffany express their gratitude for Girls’ Generation’s 6th Anniversary

Following Yuri, here comes YoonA and Tiffany who also want to express their gratitude for Girls’ Generation’s 6th Anniversary.

Check out their pictures and messages below~

Let’s start with YoonA who expressed…

Hello SONEs^^
The time passed for a group called Girls’ Generation.
It’s already been 6 years huh~♥
The me who was 18 has somehow turned 24.
I’ve also gotten many hoobaes..
I think among female groups, we’re the ones who have gone the longest^^
You’re still by our sides saying we’re the best
Even though we must be showing appearances that are lacking compared to at the start
I think because there are people who are always cheering for us,
even though it’s already been 6 years,
we can still remain as the cool Girls’ Generation♥
Thank you always♥
Right now it’s Girls’ Generation~!!

Followed by SNSD’s Tiffany who expressed…

From 11:58.. till 12:25
I was trying hard to change my UFO picture..
But because 00:00 had already passed, I was going to just give up..
I thought of SONEs one more time and [that’s why] I came to the official homepage..
happy 6th anniversary.. Let’s go on for life♥
*Picture says:
Let’s go on for life♥
Happy 6th Soshi+SONE. Love you xo
-tiffany august 5th 2013

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