Girls’ Generation’s Sunny greets fans with her adorable SelCa pictures

With photos taken during their recent trip in L.A., Girls’ Generation’s Sunny is back to greet her fans!

Check out her pictures and clips below where she expressed, “Okay okay~ they say there’s nothing better than meokbang to console whining sones?!ㅋ I knew you guys liked it! Here’s another thing you love 😉 #sweettime in #LA #meokbang“.
*Meokbang = eating on-screen
Sunny also added, “Oh, by the way, I’m in Seoul right now. it’s a secret that I came today. it’s a secret that I always wake up at this hour because of jet lag, and do explosive instagramming (just meaning she browses Instagram a lot). yit-hing (sound)” followed by, “Coming back to Korea for the first time in a while, I’m backed up on a lot of things!! movies and tv shows..oh! Seohyun told me to make sure to watch ‘Snowpierecer’ while eating red bean jelly…Seo Juhyun, you’re awkward, poot! Guess whos back in Koreaaa!? 😉“.
Additionally, Sunny also shared something sweet by writing, “Strawberry chocolate fondue I made with my sister! How to make chocolate covered strawberry 🙂 I love it!!! #recipe for #chocoholic #CravingSweets“.


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