SNSD TaeYeon imparts something about our daily lives and love

Feeling the cold weather in Korea, here’s Taeyeon who did not only share another photo but a good message about life and love as well.

Check it out below~

Prior to that, Taeyeon also shared a photo with the message…

“Our daily lives are very similar to experiencing love.

Has there ever been a single day in life
where it has been calm
Flowers blossom splendidly
but suddenly rain falls and snowstorms come.

But if we were to live as we love,
Would that not be a successful life?

Rather than live a stale and numb life devoid of feeling,
Being sad, happy, in admiration, inspired, lonely, having fun…
Isn’t that what real living is?

Even now emotions are on a see-saw, full of hope then full of dread.
To be filled with joy but then submerged in sorrow… do you still feel it?
Then perhaps you are now in love with life itself.”

And, “I need something like fur #coldoutside“…

Source : wonderfulgeneration


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