SNSD’s ‘I Got a Boy’ ranks at #5 on TIME’s ‘Top 10 songs of 2013’

After winning Youtube’s ‘Music Video of the Year’ award, Girls’ Generation’s ‘I got a Boy’ has received another recognition.

Noted as…

 “The nine-woman South Korean group Girls’ Generation is a ridiculously effective hook machine, and a major phenomenon in Asia, whose biggest pop acts make One Direction and Katy Perry sound like audience-alienating avant-gardists. If you like songs that do everything at once, go straight to YouTube and call up the over-the-top video for this monomaniacally charming hybrid of bubblegum, dubstep and hard rock, whose Korean lyrics are sprinkled with incongruous English phrases (“Ayo, stop, let me put it down another way”).”

SNSD’s ‘I got a Boy’ managed to take the 5th spot in TIME’s ‘Top 10 songs of 2013’.  That surely calls for a celebration so let’s re-watch SNSD’s MV for the said song below~


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