SNSD’s TaeYeon and Yuri posed for a cute and funny photo

The celebration for SNSD Yuri’s birthday continues!!

Here’s Taeyeon who playfully expressed, “Yah, let’s take some pictures kekekeke. This is the only one that’s left. Happy birthday, 25 year old baby“.  While Yuri added, “kekekekekekeke yah.. what’s up with this…..” and “I’ve eaten 25 years*~ Taengoo unnie who’s born in March~ Thank you for wishing me happy birthday heart(eu) kiss kiss“.

Check out their funny and adorable photo below~

Additionally, Taeyeon also showed her support for YoonA’s upcoming drama ‘Prime Minster and I’ by saying, “KBS Monday-Tuesday drama will begin airing on 9th December at 10PM Fighting, our Actress Im. I’m looking forward to it! #PrimeMinisterAndI #ImYoona #NamDajung #YoonA“.

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