SeoHyun snapped a photo with Tiffany and Bora who came to watch her ‘Moon that Embraces the Sun’ musical

Showing their support to SNSD’s SeohyunTiffany and Sistar’s Bora we’re out to watch ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun’ musical where Seohyun plays the role of Yeonwoo.


Check out their lovely group photo below where Seohyun exrpessed, “Grateful for Fany Fany unnie coming to support Seo Yeonwoo. And a shot with pretty Bora unnie~! I am Seo Yeonwoo that’s embracing two unnies~ㅎㅎ I’ll work hard until the last show for Moon that embraces the sun!^^“.   Seohyun also added, “Soyu came to watch too, but I was really sad I couldn’t get a pictureㅜㅜmy friend soyu~~ thank you so so much for coming to watch“.



Meanwhile Seohyun also shared, “Wonderful bada unnie’s carmen!!I really really enjoyed watching your passionate performance, unnie~^^ㅎa commemorative shot with the pretty badacarmen unnie!!ㅎ“~



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