SNSD’s YoonA thanks fans for watching ‘Prime Minister and I’

With the conclusion of ‘Prime Minister and I‘, SNSD’s YoonA is now here to express her gratitude to all the fans who showed their support and watched the drama.

Check out YoonA’s pictures below where she added…

Thank you so much to everyone who watched ‘Prime Minister and I’ for 4 months
and supported Nam Dajung♡
It really doesn’t feel like this drama has ended. Through this drama. I’m happy to have met such a good director and writers. And great senior [actors].
Especially.. Me who was lacking a lot.
I’m really grateful for the director and seniors who always taught and helped me.
I wanted to say thank you so much to our fans who consistently supported Nam Dajung Yoona^^
And viewers who watched♡
As expected, there were quite a number of things that I felt and gained through this work.
I will continue to work hard and become an improving and matured Yoona
So please support and watch over me!
Also, please give Girls’ Generation, who will be greeting you with a new appearance, lots of love♡
It’s late, but happy new year~^^ Thank you.”~



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