Sunny, SooYoung and Jessica went out to watch SeoHyun’s ‘Moon that Embraces the Sun’

To show their support for their beloved maknae, SNSD’s SunnySooyoung and Jessica went out to watch ‘Moon that embraces the Sun‘ musical which stars no other than Seohyun!


Together with Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, check out their group photo below where Sunny added, “We watched #MoonThatEmbracesTheSun~~~ i-ya… It’s an impressive piece of work….. Is this Hyun that embraces the Kyu? keke out of everyone here, I should be the one that uploads the fastest hek-hek!!! kekekekeke maknaengis (Seohyun and Kyuhyun) are incredible♡“~


Meanwhile, Jessica also shared a pair of photos along with thumbs up sign.

Additionally, Jessica also shared, “Jessie♥”~


Sunny’s Instagram,Jessica’s Weibo


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