Check out SNSD’s teaser photo for ‘Mr. Mr.’

Following SNSD’s teaser clip for ‘Mr. Mr.’, here comes their teaser pictures!
Additionally, it was revealed that ‘Mr. Mr.’ is a dance song with R&B sound that stands out.  It is from the producer team named ‘The Underdogs’ who have also worked with Beyonce, Justin Bieber and Chris Brown before.
It will be released on the 19th, and while waiting for the big day, you can check out SNSD’s teaser below first~
UPDATE: On February 14, it was revealed that the people at SMEntertainment had a data corruption during the editing process of SNSD’s ‘Mr. Mr.’ MV resulting to the deletion of a portion of SNSD’s footage.

SM Entertainment is currently trying to recover the deleted footage but if they can’t, and a re-filming is required, some insiders said that SNSD’s comeback maybe pushed back by two weeks.

**Nothing final has been announced regarding the possible comeback delay yet, so let’s hope that everything goes well.



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