Happy Birthday to SNSD’s warm and loving kid leader, Kim TaeYeon!



After March 9, 1989, the world was never the same again, it was because someone like you was born into this world.  

Happy Happy 26th Birthday Kim TaeYeon!
*Taeyeon’s Western Age is 25

We may run out of adjectives to describe how great you are but we’ll give it a try~

To TaeYeon’s Omma, thank you for giving birth and raising such a beautiful person inside and out!

Thank you for letting her meet her eight beautiful sisters~

♥ This was from Sooyoung’s B-Day

We wish you all the best TaeYeon! We know you still have a lot of dreams to pursue so just know that we will always be here to cheer and support you. 생일축하합니다!! ♥

If by chance you would want to try acting, we’ll be more than happy to support you because we know that you can do it.  How did we say that she could do it?  Check out Taeyeon’s photos below~ 😀


Kim Tan       ——–>     Kim Taeng 

Cheon Song Yi       ——–>     Cheon Song Taeng 


Happy Birthday Kim TaeYeon 
Source : wonderfulgeneration




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