SNSD’s Sunny is the new DJ for MBC Radio’s ‘FM Date’!

DJ Sunny put it back on!!


SNSD’s Sunny will soon conquer the airwaves with her cuteness and charm as MBC FM4U has revealed that they have chosen her as the new DJ for ‘FM Date’ starting on May 12!


With this, Sunny expressed, “Because of my older sisters‘ influence, I listened to a lot of radio growing up. Even now when I’m in the car, I listen to the radio a lot. I’d been disappointed because I didn’t have much of a chance to talk to the public, but I’m really happy because I got this chance. I’m going to do my best to become a DJ that tells stories many listeners can connect to“.


While a staff also added, “You’ll be able to see a new side of Sunny that’s friendly and easygoing, unlike what you see on stage“.


Meanwhile, comedian Ahn Young Mi will also be part of the show as a permanent guest, and Park Geun Hyung has also promised to appear.





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