SNSD SooYoung greets SeoHyun a Happy Birthday!

It’s time to party because June 28 is SNSD Seohyun’s birthday!   Girls’ Generation has celebrated it, and here’s a photo from SNSD’s Sooyoung who sweetly expressed, “Our maknae.. my little sister.. I love you.. I’m really proud of you for always strongly walking down the good road #Seohyun #happybirthday“~   Credits:chosshi Sooyoung’s Instagram

SNSD TaeYeon sends her apologies to fans regarding the news about her dating EXO’s Baekhyun

Though there’s nothing to be sorry about, SNSD’s Taeyeon being a thoughtful and kind person that she is, has greeted fans with an apology.   Taeyeon expressed, “SONE. you were really surprised and hurt because of me today, right.. I’m really sorry for making you feel feelings that you didn’t have to, and the news that came about because i wasn’t a … Continue reading

Check out SNSD TaeYeon’s adorable video from the Ultra Music Festival!

Here comes the adorable kid leader of Girls’ Generation as we know her!   The girls are out to have some fun at the Ultra Music Festival in Seoul, and here’s a funny clipfrom SNSD’s Taeyeon~   UMF = Ultra Music Festical (an electronic dance music festival)    

SNSD’s TaeYeon is out to watch the 2014 Dream Concert?

Tonight’s the night for the 2014 Dream Concert!   Girls’ Generation will be there to perform, and can you imagine what their leader is doing while waiting for their turn?   No need to guess, as Taeyeon is here with the answer.  Check out her cute photo below where she revealed, “SONE I’m also watching♥“~    

TaeYeon explains why you have to buy SNSD’s ‘THE BEST’ album!

If you have read our post prior to this, I’m sure you already know that SNSD will be releasing a Japanese album titled ‘THE BEST‘.  An album which will include the group’s new song titled ‘Indestructible’, ‘Mr. Mr.’ (Jap. ver.) plus their past Japanese hits.   Still thinking whether you’ll buy it or not?  SNSD’s Taeyeon is here to help you decide.  Check … Continue reading

SNSD Yuri greets YoonA a Happy Birthday!

Greeting YoonA on her special day, here’s a lovely update from SNSD’s Yuri! Check out their beautiful photos below where Yuri expressed, “Yoong-ah, happy birthday only grow up like this..“~  

TaeYeon treats fans with her adorable Polaroid photos!

It’s a double treat from SNSD’s Taeyeon! She’s back not only to delight fans with her adorable Polaroid photos but to showcase her new nail art as well.  Check them out below~ “Found these in my drawer #twinkle” “#TaengooNail”   Credits:kymmie Taeyeon’s Instagram, Wonderfulgeneration \

SNSD HyoYeon shows off her ‘S Line’ in her latest photo!

SNSD’s Hyoyeon is here to showcase her ‘S line‘ in an amusing way!   Mimicking the pose of a statue inside a museum, check out her next photo below where she wrote, “oh yeah? S line lol“~     Credits:Hyoyeon’s Instagram   

SNSD’s Sooyoung snapped a cute photo with Rin Okinawa

Following Taeyeon earlier, it’s Sooyoung’s turn to snap a photo with their choreographer and friend!   Check out Sooyoung’s photo with Rin Okinawa where she shared, “My favorite 😉 I love this girl❤️ #rinokinawa“~

Check out SNSD TaeYeon’s adorable photos with Rin Okinawa

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon has snapped some cute and adorable photos with Rin Okinawa, their choreographer who has became their close friend as well. Check out their set of pictures below~