Check out SNSD SeoHyun’s cute photo from the set of ‘Passionate Love’

Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun is here to show off her playful side! Check out her adorable photo from the set of ‘Passionate Love’ below~

Girls’ Generation’s SeoHyun greets fans as Yoorim of ‘Passionate Love’

Greeting everyone as Han Yoorim of the drama ‘Passionate Love’, here is the adorable Seohyun of Girls’ Generation!   Check out her message and photo below~   “It’s Yoorim!^^ Everyone~ Have you been enjoying watching Passionate Love?? The time to bid farewell to Yoorim is approaching.. But I dislike goodbyes! eu-ang Because it’s my first time, even though I did poorly and was lacking a … Continue reading

Watch SNSD SeoHyun’s cuts from ‘Passionate Love’ Episode 3 (English Subbed)

Time for more of Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun’s as Passionate Love’s Han Yoorim!   Check out her cuts from their third episode below~ Source : wonderfulgeneration

Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun and more of her pictures from ‘Passionate Love’

Here’s more of Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun from her drama titled ‘Passionate Love‘. Browse her official photos from the drama below~ Update:

Watch SNSD SeoHyun’s cuts from ‘Passionate Love’ Episode 2 (English Subbed)

For everyone who enjoyed Seohyun’s performance of Passionate Love’s Han Yoorim, here’s more for you!   Check out Seohyun’s cuts from their second episode below~ Source : wonderfulgeneration

Watch SNSD SeoHyun’s cuts from ‘Passionate Love’ Episode 1 (English Subbed)

The bright and charming personality of Han Yoorim has come to life through Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun!   That’s right, ‘Passionate Love‘ has finally aired its first episode, and from it, here are some of Seohyun’s cuts~ Source : wonderfulgeneration

Girls’ Generation’s TaeYeon shows her support for SeoHyun’s ‘Passionate Love’

Seohyun’s drama titled ‘Passionate Love‘ has finally aired in Korea, and can you guess who’s glued to the T.V. watching it? She’s no other than Taeyeon and you can check out the next picture where she shared, “I took this picture too. Maknae is doing a love scene in Passionate Love. So pretty, well done! #PassionateLove“~ Meanwhile, Taeyeon also shared, “I took this picture #WinterSoshi #gg“.

Girls’ Generation’s SeoHyun snapped a photo with ‘Passionate Love’ co-star Lee Won Keun

With just a day to go before ‘Passionate Love‘ starts airing, here another treat for all the excited fans out there. Taken at the set of their filming, you can view Girls’ Generation Seohyun’s photo with her lucky co-star, Lee Won Keun~ Seohyun’s ‘Passionate Love’ will start airing tomorrow, September 28. Source : wonderfulgeneration

Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun and more of her official pictures from ‘Passionate Love’

Check out Seohyun’s official photos from the drama below~ Update:

Girls’ Generation’s SeoHyun at the PressCon of ‘Passionate Love’

Looking pretty as always, Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun was out to attend the press conference of her drama titled ‘Passionate Love‘ which is set to air on September 28. Held today, the 23rd of September, check out Seohyun’s pictures and videos from this event below~