SNSD’s YoonA thanks fans for watching ‘Prime Minister and I’

With the conclusion of ‘Prime Minister and I‘, SNSD’s YoonA is now here to express her gratitude to all the fans who showed their support and watched the drama. Check out YoonA’s pictures below where she added… “Thank you so much to everyone who watched ‘Prime Minister and I’ for 4 months and supported Nam Dajung♡ It really doesn’t feel like this drama has ended. … Continue reading

Check out SNSD YoonA’s batch photos with the staff of ‘Prime Minister and I’

Now that YoonA’s drama titled ‘Prime Minister and I‘, it’s now time for us to recognize not only YoonA’s great work but also the people who worked hard behind the camera. Check out YoonA’s adorable batch of photos together with the staff of her drama below~  

[Finale] SNSD YoonA’s ‘Prime Minister and I’ Episode 17 (English Subbed)

It has been a great ride but it’s now time to put an end to the story of Nam Dajeong and Kwon Yul.   Here’s the final episode ‘Prime Minister and I‘~  

SNSD YoonA’s ‘Prime Minister and I’ Episode 16 (English Subbed)

We’re down to the second to the last episode of SNSD YoonA’s YoonA’s ‘Prime Minister and I‘, yes, there would be episode 17 and it will be the final episode.   Meanwhile, you can now enjoy watching their 16th episode below~  

SNSD’s YoonA and more of her pictures from her drama ‘Prime Minister and I’

Here’s more of SNSD’s YoonA and her photos from her latest drama titled ‘Prime Minster and I‘. Check them out below~ Update:

SNSD’s YoonA snapped a pretty photo with a staff of ‘Prime Minister and I’

It’s SNSD’s YoonA together with a staff from her drama ‘Prime Minister and I‘. Taken at their filming location, take a look at their pretty photo below~ Credits: Naver,j1004ig

SNSD YoonA’s ‘Prime Minister and I’ Episode 15 (English Subbed)

Another interesting episode of SNSD YoonA’s ‘Prime Minister and I‘ has arrived! Check out their 15th episode below~  

SNSD YoonA’s ‘Prime Minister and I’ Episode 14 (English Subbed)

Here comes SNSD YoonA’s ‘Prime Minister and I‘! Enjoy their 14th episode below~  

Check out SNSD YoonA’s photos with SHINee’s Minho at the set of ‘Prime Minister and I’

Who visited SNSD’s YoonA at the set of her drama  ‘Prime Minister and I‘?   It was SHINee’s Minho who came to cheer and show his support to YoonA!  Check out their proof shots below~    

Check out the MV for TaeMin’s ‘Steps’ feat. the scenes from YoonA’s ‘Prime Minister and I’

If you have been following SNSD YoonA’s latest drama titled ‘Prime Minister and I‘, I’m sure you have already heard this song.   We’re talking about SHINee Taemin’s ‘Steps’ which is part of the drama’s official soundtrack, and you can now watch the music video for it featuring YoonA and the scenes from the said drama~