How low can Sunny go? Check out her funny photos with SNSD!

SNSD’s ‘The Best’ album will be just release on July 26 but the fun already started when they have announced it yesterday!   Who started it?  It was SNSD’s adorable kid leader, Taeyeon, who playfully wrote #SunnyTryBendingMore in her post here.  Of course the fans wouldn’t miss that, and so the fun has begun!   Appreciating it, check out the next photos where Sunny expressed, “You guys … Continue reading

More of SNSD Sunny’s adorable pictures from MBC Radio’s ‘FM Date’!

SNSD’s DJ Sunny is back!She is back as the DJ of MBC Radio’s ‘FM Date’, and from it, here are her adorable set of pictures~Update:   Credits:Sunny’s Instagram 

SNSD’s Sunny thanks fans with her adorable video feat. TaeYeon!!

Thanking their fans with a big bow after their win from this week’s Music Bank, here is SNSD’s Sunny who expressed “Fulfilling my promise!! I’m.. going to bow for you.. (take sunny) taeyeon_ss #Soshi1stPlacePromise“.   Together with Taeyeon’s playful participation, check out their adorable video below~

SNSD Sunny greets fans with her cute SelCa picture

It’s SNSD’s cutie Sunny with another adorable self-camera picture! Check out her cute photos below~ “Dad… #sundaddy” Bonus Pic:

Sunny, SooYoung and Jessica went out to watch SeoHyun’s ‘Moon that Embraces the Sun’

To show their support for their beloved maknae, SNSD’s Sunny, Sooyoung and Jessica went out to watch ‘Moon that embraces the Sun‘ musical which stars no other than Seohyun!   Together with Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, check out their group photo below where Sunny added, “We watched #MoonThatEmbracesTheSun~~~ i-ya… It’s an impressive piece of work….. Is this Hyun that embraces the Kyu? keke out of everyone here, I … Continue reading

SNSD Sunny greets SooYoung a Happy Birthday!

Following the other SNSD members, Sunny is now here to greet Sooyoung a Happy Birthday! Together with the birthday girl, check out Sunny’s photo below~

SNSD’s Sunny snapped some photos with Tiffany and SeoHyun

Seems like the ladies of Girls’ Generation had a good time celebrating the Lunar New Year! Here’s SNSD’s Sunny who revealed some adorable photos with Seohyun and Tiffany~ “happy new year~~~ #mangnaeandmaknae… owㅡ.  our maknae our maknae our maknae!!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR~!!” “goodnight ♡”   “Exciting your appetite. I won’t gain weight alone. Let’s gain weight together. eat a late-night snack. eat it twice. eh-heh-ra-di-ya~~!!!!! Happy new year~!!! … Continue reading

SNSD’s Sunny and YoonA posed for an adorable photo

Taken during SNSD’s concert in Thailand, here are Sunny and YoonA who posed for a cute and adorable picture. Check it out below~  “Thailand Concert was fun #ggtour”  

Happy New Year from SNSD’s cutie Sunny!

SNSD’s cutie Sunny is here to greet everyone on the first day of 2014!! Take a look at her adorable photo below~ “#happynewyear♡” \

Happy Christmas from SNSD’s cutie Sunny!

Wearing her outfit from SNSD’s ‘Marchen Fantasy’ concert, here’s Sunny who greeted everyone with a wink! Check out her cute photo below~ “Happy Merry Sunny Christmas”