Check out SNSD Taeyeon’s fancam from Kim Bumsoo’s Concert

As reported a day ago, SNSD’s Taeyeon has come out to perform at Kim Bumsoo’s year-end concert. Following her beautiful photo, it’s now time for us to watch Taeyeon’s taeyeon performing ‘Man and a Woman’ with Kim Bumsoo. Check out their fancam below~

SNSD won the ‘Best Female Group’ award from the 2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards

The ‘2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards’ has successfully ended, and from it Girls’ Generation received the ‘Best Female Group’ award! Seohyun and Hyoyeon were there to represent the group, and here they are accepting the award~ Bonus Cuts: Congratulations to Girls’ Generation!

The behind-the-scenes from Girls’ Generation’s 2013 concert in Seoul (English Subbed)

Check out Girls’ Generation’s clips below~ Update: Interview Behind-the-Scenes *”Let’s go on for a long time ♥”, is what’s written on the paper.

Check out TaeTiSeo’s performance from the ‘High-tech Industry Job Creation Concert’

JTBC has finally aired the ‘High-tech Industry Job Creation Concert’! It was held last May 30, and if you missed their fancam before, you can now enjoy the official clip of TaeTiSeo’s ‘Twinkle’ performance below~

The behind-the-scenes from Girls’ Generation’s 2013 concert in Seoul (English Subbed)

Still from the recent ‘2013 Girls’ Generation’s World Tour’ concert in Seoul, here’s the footage from tVN which will not only reveal the behind-the-scenes from SNSD’s concert but their passion and dedication as well. Check out Girls’ Generation’s clip below~

SNSD SooYoung’s ‘Dating Agency: Cyrano’ Episode 6 (English Subbed)

Cyrano Agency is busy with another customer! Together with the adorable Gong Minyoung, here’s their 6th episode~

SNSD SooYoung’s ‘Dating Agency: Cyrano’ Episode 5 (English Subbed)

Here comes more of SNSD’s adorable Sooyoung as Gong Minyoung of Cyrano Agency! Their love operation resumes this week, and here’s their 5th episode for you to enjoy~  

Girls’ Generation greets their fans for the ‘2013 Asia Style Collection’ in Singapore this June!

Girls’ Generation will rock the shores of Singapore together with 2ne1 this June! Update: Now here to greet their fans, check out SNSD’s promotional clip below~ This concert event will be held on June 22, 2013, and they will also be joined by Japan’s Ai and Thelma Aoyama. For those who are interested you can … Continue reading

Check out SNSD’s from the PressCon of their ‘2013 Girls’ Generation World Tour’ in Seoul

SNSD’s ‘2013 Girls’ Generation World Tour’ which kicked-off yesterday in Seoul will have a repeat today. Prior to the concert proper, the girls had a short meeting with the reporters first, and from it, here are the gorgeous photos and videos of the members of Girls’ Generation~

Watch the FanCams from ‘2013 Girls’ Generation World Tour’ in Seoul

SNSD’s ‘2013 Girls’ Generation Tour’ has successfully kicked-off in Seoul! Here are some of the fancams from SNSD’s amazing performances~ [June 9] Opening + Hoot Twinkle + Ending Gee [June 8] ‘Love and Girls’ ‘Twinkle’ VTR Baby Baby (Acoustic Ver.) Talk + Ending How Great is Your Love + Twinkle Love & Girls Way to … Continue reading